News release

Montréal, January 26th 2010 – While in Mexico, governments of United States, European Union, Canada, Japan, Australia, and few others countries, are secretly negotiating a trade agreement on Copyright issue, a broad coalition or associations and experts have published today a joint declaration denouncing the secret of these negotiations.

After few leaks, the secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) may have awful consequences on access to knowledge, privacy, Net Neutrality, and fundamental rights.

For example:

  • allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to snoop on their clients and cut them off the Internet if sharing copyrighted files is alleged;
  • establish “graduated response” measures and Internet Service Provider (ISP) liability, which leads to Internet filtering, as well as limits to the interoperability of legally acquired digital works;
  • authorize border guards to search laptops and MP3 players and to seize them if they contain material that could seem to infringe on copyright; and
  • introduce new criminal sanctions for copyright infringements, including sanctions for certain uses of the Internet that previously were not criminalized;
  • affect other important issues, such as access to medication.

The joint declaration could be read and signed on Internet, on Consumers International-Access to Knowledge:

List of persons and associations who have initially signed the joint declaration:

Public Knowledge (USA) – Rashmi Rangnath
Electronic Frontier Foundation (USA) – Gwen Hinze
Michael Geist – Ottawa University
Consumers International – Access to Knowledge (A2K) – Jeremy Malcolm
Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) – David Fewer
Union des consommateurs (Québec) – Anthony Hémond
Public Interest Advocacy Center (Canada) – John Lawford
P2Pnet et A2f2a (Canada) – Jon Newton
Canadian Library Association (Canada)- Kelly Moore
La quadrature du Net (France) – Jeremie Zimmerman
Ligue des droits et libertés (Québec) – Dominique Peschard
Knowledge Ecology International (USA) – James Love
Association pour l’Avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation (ASTED) et Corporation des bibliothécaires professionnels du Qc (Québec) – Olivier Charbonneau-
Communautique (Québec) – Monique Chartrand
FACIL, pour l’appropriation collective de l’informatique libre (Québec) – Cyrille Béraud
Réseau Koumbit (Québec) – Mathieu Lutfy


Listen: Network recording of the Web conference of january 26 2010, with Anthony Hémond, Michael Geist, Jeremie Zimmerman, Rashmi Rangnath and Olivier Charbonneau.

Read: Q and A in the chat room of that conference, between journalists and participants.

In the news: Consumer advocates declare war on copyright treaty from CBC’s web site.


For information : Charles Tanguay – Responsable des communications
Union des consommateurs – 514 521-6820 p. 257